Is The Corona Virus Novel Preparing The Human Specie For A New Age?

By: Folorunsho Samuel What Is This Coronavirus?"An ailment? A weapon? An unseen enemy? An .opportunity for new world order? I think the human species should be ready for a sort of new-age after the COVID 19 epidemic is over. A probable full beginning of the Golden age of Robotics. 
 I'm not writing these under the influence of anything, nor am I having deja vu. The human race is moving Into a new phase of the world, and the COVID 19 novel is spearheading that.
From history to history, the age phase of mankind is usually interrupted by a global transformation with something that's massive, which forces and pushes the World to a new age ahead. Before this present digital age we live in today, the World went through so many upheavals of events before the digital transformation began. The same devastating occurrences took place when humans moved from the transition of the stone age to Copper-Bronze ages.

As we move into the new World, having the knowledge of how the world had bee…

Nigerians React On The Corrupt Proceedings Of Government In Handling The Covid 19 Crisis

Some angry youths and citizens of Nigeria who knew their rights have been demanding and inquiring from the Government, about the agency in charge of the collection and disbursement of funds donated by a few known Philanthropists in the Country.
The public has also called for an extension of the COVID 19 grants donation to reach other States, asthere seems to be a kind of favoritism for those living in the Northern part of the country. Also, people have complained and appealed for the government to deliver welfare packages to in-houses, rather than causing chaos and unwanted crowd in the streets, as street distribution shows disregard for the social distancing law imposed by the government. 
A news reporter on the case of COVID 19; "Kazeem Babalola", has further cajoled youths to charge and Indict the NCDC for not attending to ordinary Nigerians. A recent tweet from our reporter further illustrates more on these subjects;  "There must be accountability for all the funds wh…

The Covid 19 World Dilema

By: Folorunsho Samuel                               A Battle We Must Fight.......I haven't written any story about the COVID 19 virus pandemic for over 48 hours now, just because I have a lot on my mind that worries me. Today, I'm going to share some of my worries.
For the past few days, I deliberated and focused on Nigeria and it's countless problems in handling the fight against the spread of the COVID 19 Virus. However, I'm so tired of how the Government wastes precious time in dealing with positive cases. I'm tired how the lockdown regulations are not been followed, how politicians are seizing the opportunity to loot the funds donated by few philanthropists we have in the country and how the Government of Nigeria keeps the COVID 19 confirmed cases as classified information, as citizens fears that cases may have risen to a million.
Dealing with Nigeria as a country having over a population of over 206 million people, with 80-85% of its populace living under the po…

The Politics Of Corona Virus In Nigeria

By: Folorunsho Samuel LekeCorona Virus In Nigeria: The Confusion Continues.
Amidst the lackadaisical attitude portrayed by politicians and citizens of Nigeria towards avoiding the further spread of the COVID 19 virus, it has been reported that some people are going from home to homes in Abuja,  pretending to be NCDC officials, asking to conduct Corona Virus test. 

The Federal Government and NCDC have however advised: "don’t let them in even if they have a confirmed ID, there's no directive passed from NCDC to its staff to undertake such tests, they’re dangerous people,  stay away from them!".

Another worrying question the citizens of Nigeria have been asking ever since the first case of COVID 19 was first detected from an Italian coming into the Country,  was the question of: "how much has the government put in place to fight the disease, and how much has been spent so far?
We’ve asked the Minister of Health & DG of NCDC to publish weekly spending details of funds t…

What Is The Government Actually Doing To Equip Nigerians In Fighting The Covid 19 Outbreak?

The Covid 19 Novel Has Shown The Strenght And Weakness Of Most Nations.
Right now, it appears as if the World is tearing apart from the awakening of the Covid 19 novel threat.

When you establish an overview of the whole scenario, you'll find out that the spread of the Virus in all countries began from its major cities and towns before spreading down to local places and communities. Continentally, the same outcome has been the phenomenon, with the Virus itself spreading from countries regarded as "World powers", after its first-ever case was discovered in Wuhan, China. 

Daily reports on death rates and case scenarios in countries like the USA, Italy, China, South Korea, Israel, Iran, Russia, and Germany for example, have really shown the strength and weakness of many countries both economically and in Warfare.

The same goes for Africa, we've already seen countries like South Africa, Egypt, Algeria and Nigeria leading the race in numbers of infected persons carrying the Co…

Confusion And Controversies Among Nigerians On The Rising Cases of Covid 19

NCDC Announces More Results As El-Rufai Tests Positive To Covid 19 Virus
Tensions and panic have increased among the people of Kaduna State after NCDC announces the result of the test carried out on the Governor of Kaduna State yesterday, which happens to be positive. 
There has been hype and praises on how El-Rufai has been handling the affairs of the State especially when it comes to avoiding the spread of the Covid 19 Virus recently, and some Nigerians are already spreading rumors that the Governor already knows about his status a few days back before actually announcing to the public. 

These is the more reason the Governor was bent on implementing strict measures on the State to avoid the further spread as those who had close contacts with him recently are already in isolation as we speak.
Even in self-isolation, El-Rufai has appealed to the people of Kaduna State-  "I wish to appeal to the people of Kaduna State to continue to closely observe the preventive measures already anno…

28th March- Corona Virus News Update In Nigeria

Federal Government Should distribute Atiku's Donation to Every Citizen Of Nigeria

The former presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar through Priam Group, pledged a sum of Fifty Million Naira (N50,000,000) as part of his own contribution to offer Nigerians palliative while they sit at home to prevent the spread of the ravaging Corona Virus epidemic.

Atiku who opined that the Federal Government should pay each household in Nigeria a sum of Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000), also suggested that telecommunication companies should make airtime of at least, One Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N1,500) available to all registered phone numbers to enable people to communicate while in isolation.

While many Nigerians have seen this as a welcome development, the major questions on the lips of some Nigerians are, how this money, if approved by the government, would get to the people, how is the government going to get the information of all Nigerians now and how the government would demarcate or identify …

Friday 27th March, Corona Virus Latest Update- Nigeria.

Corona Virus Lockdown: Provide Relief To Nigerians, Lawan tells Buhari
"If we have to eventually shut down our country , then as a government we must be prepared to have some relief for the most ordinary people. I ’m not seeing anything at the moment targeted at providing some relief. If we lock up Nigeria today, then we will wake -up trouble, because majority of our citizens go to market everyday before they can get something to eat". 

We need to have something, a plan of some sorts, in addition to making sure we don ’t lock up the farmers market for example, where people can easily go and buy something, and of course pharmacies. “We need to have some kind of supplies to people, I don’t know how we can achieve this, but we have to be ingenious. This is a time to think deep and wide, to provide for our people in order for us at least to deal with this challenge at the moment,” 
Senate President Lawan advised .

Reported by Kazeem Babalola and Folorunsho Samuel